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The portable Sandy Feet Sprayer sand removal system is extremely easy to use and bring with you on any adventure!


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Sandy Feet Sprayer is family operated business based in Tampa, Florida. The owners are parents of young children and often go to the beach, camping and hiking with their family. They saw the constant need to clean the kids off after a long day outside, and founded the Sandy Feet Sprayer. The time it saves their family when they go on their outdoor adventures was remarkable, and they couldn’t wait to show their family. Everyone who witnessed this portable sand removal system in action, wanted one. Multiple people made comments that they would want one for their pets after hiking or going to the beach! Passionate about people and the outdoors, they started the company in order to help people keep their cars, kids and pets clean after a long day outside! 

Love the beach, but don’t love bringing sand back with you? As stated above in the “About the Company”, Sandy Feet Sprayer was founded by a family based in Tampa, Florida who discovered how useful a portable sand removal device would be for avid adventurers alike! They found a perfect system that uses an adjustable and pressurized amount of water for cleaning not only your feet, but your hair, beach equipment, wheel wells, hiking boots (no matter how badly they are coated in mud!) and more! 

As the owners started using the system over time, they noticed even more practical uses of having a portable and pressurized water system with them. For instance, cleaning dishes while camping was much easier and it can serve as a portable shower while camping (with actual water pressure!). Onlookers were noticing the Sandy Feet Sprayer and wanted one for their own purposes: cleaning their dogs off after a day on the beach, hiking or camping; being able to clean boats and fishing equipment much easier and more!

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Keep one in both vehicles, or one in the RV. These sprayers also make a perfect, unique gift for anyone who loves the outdoors-especially the beach!

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