Warranty information

Warranty Information
This warranty information is only applicable to the Sandy Feet Sprayer Sand Removal System.

Sandy Feet Sprayer guarantees the proper functioning of your Sand Removal System for 30 days after receipt of delivery (not date of purchase).

Only defects that happen during the manufacturing process will be covered. If the issue is related to improper use or abuse, the customer will have to purchase another Sand Removal System. However, we truly do value your business so you will receive 25% off the full price purchase (not sale price) of another sprayer. Just contact us at [email protected] to process your order.

We will request photos of the product and a description of the defect (used for quality control purposes). Please send your warranty claim request to [email protected] with the receipt of your purchase (screenshots are okay!).

All warranty claims, if approved, will result in a new Sandy Feet Sprayer to be sent out to you right away, at no cost to you.

You have the option to purchase a 3 year warranty that covers any damage to the Sandy Feet Sprayer, regardess who is at fault. This includes, but is not limited to, a torn hose, a water damaged motor, or a cracked nozzle from any accidents that could occur.

Please add our warranty policy to your cart below, or do so from the product page or shop.

***No other items other than the Sandy Feet Sprayer qualify for warranty coverage***

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