Sandy Feet Sprayer Sand Removal System

This convenient and efficient sand and mud removal system is ideal for getting rid of sand, mud, or grime when camping, beaching or mudding!

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Sandy Feet Sprayer is a portable and efficient sand removal system that is useful for the beach, camping, hiking, paddling and more! The adjustable water pressure is powerful enough to easily remove sand and dirt from long hair, paws, feet, sandals, equipment, toys, wheels and more. Our sand removal system is suitable for pretty much any outdoor activity.

Do you want to keep your car clean after a day at the beach? Want to wash everyone’s feet off, including the pups?
Do you want to effectively clean dishes or take a high pressure shower while camping?

Do you want to pressure wash your vehicle, wheels or equipment after fishing, hunting or just being outside for the day?

Do you want to wash your 4-wheeler, Jeep, or boat anywhere? No need to be near a hose!

This system has adjustable pressure settings, for a powerful yet gentle washing experience.

Just plug it into your car, connect the hose, drop it into any water container (5 gallon bucket recommended) and turn on the switch. You can even use a mop bucket! As long as you have water and D/C 12-V cigarette car charging port you are good to go!

*Try not to use in dirty, debris filled water. If using salt water, rinse fresh water through after each use for optimal longevity.  We recommend using a water container like the one that we sell so that you can bring water from your house on your trip or at the water pump at your campsite without it spilling in your vehicle or getting contaminated. Or you can use 1+ milk jugs for example. Our 4 gallon water container will wash a family of 3, all their shoes, toys equipment (wagon included!) right at the car 2-3 times before needing to be refilled. If you use dirty water or saltwater, you can simply run clean water through the system prior to next use for best longevity!*



12V DC (DC to AC Adapter can be purchased here for garage, electric camping site, RVS and other uses)
160 PSI
Weight: approximately 1/2 pound and super portable and easy to bring anywhere.
Hose is approximately 20 feet long, but can be cut down due to the type of attachments on the end of the hose.
They can be placed back on the ends after cutting, if the hose is too long for your liking.

*Pretested by the manufacturer so do not be alarmed if you see some water come out when you remove the plugs and attach the hoses.*


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